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I was born in San Antonio in a military family, the oldest of three brothers (my poor mother..)  We lived in Seoul Korea, Salt Lake UT, Frederick MD, Indianapolis, and St. Louis MO before moving to McAllen Texas in 1998.  In Jr High, I got sent to the principal’s office for selling gum in school.  I was on the debate team and football teams in high school.  I worked as a lifeguard through high school and college.  I went to Stephen F. Austin because my debate coach told me “the most beautiful girls in Texas” went there.  I studied Political Science and worked for US Congressman Charlie Wilson (No my character is not in the movie).  After learning that there is no $$$ in government work I stumbled into a job selling mobile homes and quickly discovered professional sales.

Then, after a chance meeting, I was asked to interview for the group that became Time Warner Cable Media Sales and I was off to the races!  I pretend to play guitar (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmie Hendrix) and I read a great deal.  I love to be outside.  My current passion is mountain biking.

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