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Evvy Launches the First Vaginal Healthcare Platform to Combine Comprehensive Vaginal Microbiome Testing, Personalized Prescription Treatment, and 1-1 Health Coaching

Evvy is announcing the expansion of its platform, developed alongside the world's leading experts, which now offers end-to-end care including physician-reviewed results and personalized prescription treatment programs, in addition to its groundbreaking Vaginal Health Test.

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaginal discomfort is one of the leading reasons women seek healthcare advice, and over 90% of these cases can be attributed to imbalances in the vaginal microbiome. Yet current standards for vaginal health testing and care don't take into account the entire vaginal microbiome. Instead, vaginal healthcare is underpinned by overly simplistic methods like microscopy and brute-force antibiotics.

Evvy, a female-founded startup on a mission to close the gender health gap, launched the Evvy Vaginal Health Test, the first and only at-home metagenomics-based vaginal microbiome test in 2021 to finally provide women and their providers access to this overlooked but critical biomarker.

Today, Evvy is announcing the expansion of its platform, which now offers end-to-end care, including physician-reviewed results and personalized prescription treatment programs, in addition to its groundbreaking Vaginal Health Test. Developed alongside the world's leading experts, Evvy's platform is now the first and only vaginal healthcare service to bring together state-of-the-art testing, precision prescription treatments, and dedicated coaching to give women and people with vaginas the care they deserve.

"The status quo in vaginal health is simply unacceptable given how prevalent these conditions are and how significantly they impact our quality of life," said Priyanka Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Evvy, "That's why we decided to leverage our first-of-its-kind data platform and scientific advisory board to develop a new standard of care that women and people with vaginas can access from the comfort of their own home."

Evvy's expanded and innovative platform is designed on three principles:

  • Not one-size-fits-all — Evvy provides personalized care: Evvy's precision care platform takes into account the whole patient — from comprehensive test results to your health history — to provide each individual with exactly the right treatment program.
  • Not just another antibiotic — Evvy takes an integrative approach: Evvy's treatment programs include both targeted prescription medication and research-backed supplements to ensure that we don't just fight the disruptive microbes — but regrow the protective ones that help prevent future infections.
  • Not alone — Evvy cares for patients every step of the way: Evvy's treatment programs go beyond just treatment and include science-backed education, community, and 1 1 health coaching.

"As an OB GYN, I know how frustrating it is for both patients and clinicians to lack access to effective testing and treatments," said Dr. Rebecca Nelken, OB/GYN and Founding Physician at Evvy. "Evvy's new care platform is revolutionary, and I am thrilled that patients across the country will finally have access to the best in class testing, holistic treatments, and empathetic support they deserve."

Over the past year, Evvy ran an IRB-approved study to evaluate the efficacy of their new care platform. The study showed that 83% of participants who went through the care platform moved from dysbiosis to a protective microbiome, and 100% reported an improvement in symptoms. Results also showed that the care platform left patients feeling supported, empowered, and in control when dealing with their vaginal health 100% of participants felt like they had access to the right care and resources with Evvy. You can read more about the results from our study in their newly released white paper here.

Users can access clinical care with Evvy after taking an Evvy Vaginal Health Test, depending on their results and health history. An Evvy-affiliated provider reviews the patient's results, and if they're eligible, develops a 2-month personalized treatment program, which may include prescription medication and research-backed supplements. Every patient receives treatments designed with exactly the right ingredients for them, shipped directly and discreetly from a partner pharmacy. All treatment programs also include 2 calls with a certified health coach to provide empathetic support throughout the experience.

The Evvy Vaginal Health Test is currently available in all 50 US states, and the new care platform is available in 39 US states (with plans to expand to all 50 states this year).


Evvy is on a mission to close the gender health gap by discovering and leveraging overlooked female biomarkers, starting with the vaginal microbiome. In 2021, Evvy launched the first and only at-home vaginal microbiome test to use metagenomic sequencing to tell you what's up down there, why it matters, and what you can do about it. Insights from their test led to the expansion of Evvy's innovative vaginal health platform, which now brings together state-of-the-art testing, precision care, and proactive tracking to give women and people with vaginas the healthcare they deserve. Through this platform, Evvy is building the real-world datasets necessary to transform our understanding of complex health conditions in the female body.

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