WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Discovering Texas plants, animals and reptiles are some of the things you can expect when you visit the Mayborn Museum in Waco.

“It’s just an amazing place for families to come together, spend time together, and learn something new,” says Marketing Coordinator Molly Noah.

At the Mayborn Museum there are two levels of discovery – which are centered on hands-on experiences and life-long learning.

You can learn about Texas science and natural history, with a focus on animals and reptiles.

“We are really trying to show people in Central Texas, just the rich history of this area, and how many great animals and plants that live here,” says Noah.

In addition, the Museum hosts special displays highlighting other fun things for the community to experience, like the summer exhibit Discover Your Superpower. The Mayborn is the first museum in Texas to display the exhibit.

“It’s all about families coming together, working with superheroes, and using your skills to help save the city,” says Noah.

The Museum sees many families enjoying the interactive activities, such as the Play Waco Room with a mini-H-E-B, the Bubble Room and a SpaceX rocket science room.

The Museum often welcomes large groups throughout the week.

“We will probably see 50,000 people,” says Noha. “We get people from all over the U.S., so we have people coming from Alaska, we have people coming from Florida, but we really love all of our local visitors, as well.”

The Museum is located on Baylor University’s campus, drawing in students and people from the community.