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Destination Texas: Handfeed animals at Grapeland Drive-Thru Safari

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GRAPELAND, Texas (KETK) – Grapeland Drive-Thru Safari has been a staple in the East Texas community since 2005. This stay-in-your-car, family-friendly spot is perfect for summer.

With over 400 animals roaming on 60 acres there is truly something to be enjoyed by the entire family. From Bison to Zebras, Emus, and Kangaroos.

What makes this drive-thru safari so unique is that it’s very personal. Everyone’s experience at the park is different, because instead of having to stick to a trail, they let their people drive around freely to see and feed whichever animals they want to see.

This idea came from owners, the Herring family. Before the property was open to the public as a drive thru people would ask if they could come to see their animals.

“He would do that several times and one day someone gave his money and that light bulb kinda went off in his head,” said Tracey Herring.

Entry to the safari costs $12.95 per person which includes a cup of feed. If you want to get even more one-on-one time with the animals they have a petting zoo on the site.

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