(KVEO) — South Padre Island, one of Texas’ islands, is a top Spring Break destination, as well as a popular vacation spot for “winter Texans” escaping the snow and cold of the north.

Even locals across the Rio Grande Valley prioritize time at the beach, with one couple from Mission describing the experience as “medicinal.”

South Padre Island is home to many places that celebrate the natural wildlife of deep South Texas. One popular animal found along the Island is Sea Turtle Inc.

“There’s an entire education division who can talk about what you can really do to help save sea turtles,” Sea Turtle Inc. Chief Executive Officer Wendy Knight said.

Visitors to the island can happen across sea turtles nesting.

“You can be out enjoying our beaches, and a nesting female can walk right up next to you, dig a hole, lay a nest, and then go back into the ocean,” Knight said.

Sea Turtle Inc. is in the process of constructing the largest sea turtle rescue hospital in the world, and gladly accepts volunteers and donations.

South Padre Island also offers fishing and boating opportunities, as well as fine dining options at local restaurants and cafes.

There really is something for everyone on South Padre Island.