FORT CAVAZOS, Texas (FOX 44/KWKT) — As the demand in water supply increases, innovators in Central Texas are looking for ways to expand water sustainability.

ASR (Aquifer Storage and Recovery) is a newly-approved project to help combat water recovery efforts during droughts.

“Particularly with the drought that we’re still very much in, you can see just how fragile our water supplies are in Texas. With Texas being a growing, prospering state. The demand for water is only going to increase, not decrease, over time,” says Bell County WCID 1 General Manager Ricky Garrett.

According to the United States Geological Service, the ASR water management technique will actively store water underground during wet periods for recovery efforts. This project will be explored in West Bell County on the Fort Cavazos Military Reservation.

Right now, drilling is taking place to prepare for water storage – but since we are in a dry period, no water will be taken from lakes immediately.

“Our goal is to have the suitability analysis feasibility project complete by March, so that the outcome of that will help scope what’s needed for the bigger project down the road. For the actual diverting water and storing it, then retrieving it later,” says Garrett.

Garrett also reassures no communities or ecosystems in surrounding areas will be at a disadvantage with this project.