Fort Cavazos (FOX44) Fort Cavazos, Texas – The Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center anounces it will implement a three-tiered approach to consolidate from seven unit-aligned Embedded Behavioral Health clinics to five unit-aligned Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics. They say this consolidation will help improve health and build readiness by better aligning their talent and stabilizing their organizational structure. Further, they say it will allow us them to continue to ensure real-time access to urgent behavioral health needs and improve unit-aligned quality of care.

“The Fort Cavazos behavioral health team understands that the mental health and well-being of service members are vital to the overall readiness and effectiveness of our military force. This consolidation initiative aligns with our commitment to supporting our troops and their families, ensuring they have the resources they need to thrive.

“Our amazing Healthcare workers have been under significant pressure these past few years and that pressure has taken a toll. Many have taken a temporary hiatus or left the profession entirely. We’ve struggled to replace these staff, forcing those who remain to carry the load, which increases the risk of burnout and causes us to lose more staff. These enterprise-wide staffing problems exist across the entire health care landscape, not just in military medicine.”

Tier 1: 1st Cavalry Division’s 1st and 2nd Brigade UnitsThe Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) clinics for 1st and 2nd Brigade units are now consolidated at Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic (OBH) 1, Building 37016, 147 Manila drive, next to the Ironhorse Chapel. By bringing these units together at one centralized location, we aim to foster a stronger support network and streamline the delivery of mental health services for our brave Soldiers. This consolidation will facilitate improved coordination between the units, ensuring that the personnel can readily access the care they need.

Tier 2: Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic 8 ConsolidationOn 15 SEP 2023, Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) Clinic 8 will consolidate with Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) 4, which will now be Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic (OBH) 4, located at Building 9410, 397 N. 19th Street, across from Burba Gym. This consolidation will further bolster our capacity to address mental health challenges by creating a more comprehensive and efficient care center.

Tier 2 realignment units are:

1st CAV SUST BDE supported by OBH 3

1st CAV AVN BDE supported by OBH 4

3rd SFAB supported by OBH 4

69th ADA BDE supported by OBH 5

36th ENG BDE supported by OBH 5

DIVARTY/ HHBN 1 CAV DIV/0056ADA BN/ TR DEF Counsel/ 1st CAV DIV Band/ and 23rd ADJ General Center supported by Multi-D

Tier 3: Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC) ProgramTier 3 move includes all SUDCC staff moving into OBH 8 on Friday 15 SEP 2023. All Ft. Cavazos Soldiers receiving Substance Use Disorder care will be supported by a unit aligned, centralized SUDCC campus (formally EBH 8). The SUDCC campus will now be situated at the former Embedded Behavioral Health (EBH) 8, specifically at Buildings 424, 415, and 413. This strategic move allows us to better provide specialized care for those in need of substance use disorder support while leveraging existing facilities.

Points of Contact REMAIN THE SAME: Front desk staff:

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic 1 254-553-8711 or 8714

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic 3 254-553-5720 or 5702

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic 4 254-553-8671 or 8760

Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic 5 254-288-1560 or 6474

Multi-D 254-553-3623 or 3624

Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care 254-287-0183/1893 or 254-553-3150

Emergency protocols and hospitalization processes REMAIN THE SAME

Hours of operation REMAIN THE SAME. M-F, 0730-1630 As it embarks on this important journey to strengthen mental health services and suicide prevention measures, CRDAMC’s behavioral health team hopes that together with the community it can continue a positive impact on the lives of our service members