AUSTIN / FREESTONE COUNTY, Texas (FOX 44) – Texas Parks & Wildlife (TPWD) has announced that Fairfield Lake State Park has closed to the public. 

The organization says the park has been open for day use visitation while TPWD and its commissioners took “persistent and extraordinary steps” to negotiate with Todd Interests, which purchased the property from Vistra Corp. TPWD extended a formal offer totaling $25 million as incentive for Todd Interests to relinquish its contract, which would have allowed TPWD to purchase the park from Vistra. Todd Interests rejected the offer. 

Beginning June 5, park staff will begin to remove equipment and relocate staff members. Closure of the park also means the public’s loss of access to the two public boat ramps and a fishing pier on Fairfield Lake.  

Commissioners will hold a special meeting at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 10 to consider acquiring through condemnation the 5,000-acre property in Freestone County which includes Fairfield Lake and Fairfield Lake State Park.