Slow the epidemic by washing your hands


A new report is revealing what may be the key to preventing an epidemic – washing your hands at the airport.

A report from an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis found if 60 percent of travelers properly wash their hands, the spread of global diseases would be slowed by 70 percent.

The researchers also found if ten of the world’s busiest airports had just 60 percent of visitors wash their hands better, the spread of global diseases would be slowed by nearly 40 percent.

This means viruses like the Wuhan coronavirus would take months to reach the U.S. instead of weeks.

“From the water, to the soap dispensers to the air dryers themselves, it’s all one solid unit that allows travelers to go through with a total hands free experience,” says Bryce DuBree, Abia Public Information Officer.

In order to kill the bugs crawling on your skin, you need to use both soap and water and scrub for at least fifteen seconds.

Only 20 percent of people take the proper steps to wash their hands after using the bathroom, according to the new report.

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