The White House on the Coronavirus


WASHINGTON, D.C. – As concern around the coronavirus grows, the White House is trying to ease Americans’ fears.

There is a search for a cure as Democrats criticize President Donald Trump’s handling of the situation.

“We will confront this challenge together,” says Trump.

President Trump is pledging to stay out in front of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We will continue do exactly what we’re doing,” he says.

The president met and Vice President Mike Pence met with drug company executives on Monday.

“Today’s meeting is a reflection of the fact that this president understands that industry is a part of the one team in America that’s going to address the coronavirus in this country.”

Also part of the team – the Defense Department. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Mark Milley says military labs are working on a vaccine while commanders in the field are working to protect American troops.

“Access to bases is being restricted in certain places such as Northern Italy and South Korea, for example,” says Milley.

Some in Congress are not confident the administration is doing enough to protect Americans.

“From Day One, President Trump has mishandled the coronavirus,” says Rep. G.K. Butterfield, (D-NC).

Butterfield and South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn are criticizing the president for not asking Congress for enough money to fight the virus.

The White House asked for $2.5 billion.

“We need $6-$8 billion. And so, that’s the difference. In what he does and what needs to be done,” says Clyburn.

House and Senate leaders from both parties are working on a coronavirus funding bill. The House could vote on a plan as early as this week.

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