Remarkable women are all around us – and here in Central Texas, they are our neighbors.

FOX 44 News continues its Remarkable Women series with a dedicated mother and wife who does it all.

Canadian-transplant Sonja Smith is a hard working mother of three, wife and interior designer.

“I usually get up and get my kids breakfast and take them to school, and then I do design work on the computer,” Sonja said. “Usually my husband and I will then go over the projects that we are working on, and then it’s full-time mom stuff [laughs].”

Her kids – nine-year-old Denver, seven-year-old Troy and six-year-old McKinlee – are her world.

“To me, motherhood is my calling. It’s my most important job – to be a wife and mom is something that I’ve always aspired to be,” Sonja said.

Sonja’s husband and business partner Jeremiah nominated her to be a FOX 44 Remarkable Woman – saying “Everything she touches has her impact on it.”

Sonja reads out loud, “Sonja is loved by all her friends, which are many and always growing, because she fully gives her love, time, and attention to everyone she can. Sonja is an amazing and remarkable woman, and is definitely deserving to be recognized for it.”

Words that make her emotional to hear.

“I definitely feel very undeserving of these words, but I do enjoy and love just to pour into people’s lives,” Sonja said. “We get one life to live, and my goal in everything I do is to live that life well and to do that for God.”

A life that she aspires to live just like her own mother did.

“She passed away when I was 17, which is almost half my life, but the impact that she had on me in those 17 years was amazing and incredible, and I just want to be a woman like she was,” Sonja said.

This is why she uses her talents from their home improvement business “Modern Haven Design” to help those around her.

“We were able to do a surprise room renovation for a couple while their daughter was in the hospital,” Sonja said. “She had a brain tumor, and that’s just something that means a lot to us.”

Something she hopes to do more of in the future.

“Just seeing the joy that brought to someone a way, that we could use the talents that we have just to bless others, that meant the world to us. And we wanted to do that with our own business. And that’s something that we want to do more of this year,” Sonja said.

…and engrain in her children.

“Just things done out of love – not expecting anything in return, but just to show the love that we’ve been given back to others. And it’s very important to me that our kids grow up having good work ethic and character.”