Coach Mulkey is making a decision about her future at Baylor

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WACO, TX — There have been several reports and rumors pertaining to Coach Kim Mulkey’s future at Baylor University.

With the resignation of Nikki Fargas from LSU, some have speculated that Mulkey will be the next head women’s basketball coach in Baton Rouge.

FOX44’s Mandy Knight reached out to Coach Mulkey Saturday night for comment. Mulkey texted that she will make a decision on Sunday, but has not said when she will make an announcement.

The Basketball Hall of Famer has done it all as a player and coach earning her that spot in Springfield.

17 years ago, Mulkey won her first national title at Baylor and has brought two more since. Her long history of sustained success has not come without some tweaks to her style but she has always stayed true to herself.

“I think I’ve grown a lot of ways away from the floor in a locker room,” Mulkey said. “I think I have become more mature on handling players and their feelings a little bit. I think you evolve and you grow as a coach every year. You change with the kids you have on that floor on what they need to be doing, certain things don’t change, your discipline, accountability, that is who you are internally but the game itself, you have to stay on top of things, and not become stagnant”

Mulkey has made those changes to stay relevant among the best in women’s college basketball which is no surprise considering she has been competitive for as long as she has been on this earth.

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