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TEMPLE, Texas – Due to Temple’s city secretary retiring, residents will need to go to Belton for birth and death certificates for the next two weeks.

Lacy Borgeson worked as the city secretary for 21 years in Temple until retiring January 9.

“Because she is no longer with the city, any future certificates with her name on it wouldn’t be valid,” says City of Temple Public Relations Manager Laurie Simmons. “We want to make sure we’re getting the proper paperwork in so we can print the certificates with our new interim city secretary’s information on it.”

The cause of the delay is due to an oversight by the city.

“The city management really was trying to work with this transition with our city secretary retiring, and this was just an accidental oversight,” says Simmons. “We missed this one piece in the transition of the office and making sure staff were ready for that transition for our old city secretary to leave and our interim being named.”

Those who need these certificates will have to get them at the Bell County Justice Center in Belton. They will handle only birth and death certificates – anything more long-term like applying for a passport will have to go through the state.

Business will not exactly be booming in Belton during this time.

“Our flow of traffic is always pretty steady,” says Bell County Clerk Shelley Coston. “I don’t anticipate this being an overabundance or something that is going to be out of the ordinary.”

Even if business will not go up or down, it is still not the norm for the County Clerk’s Office.

“This is not something that I have encountered before,” says Coston. “I think it’s strictly a clerical situation.”

The City of Temple says there is a transition period partly because the City Council did not meet over the holidays to select a city secretary replacement.

They now say they have an interim in place, and are just waiting for the new paper.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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