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We offer all typical ER services to accommodate any emergency. We have the latest in testing capabilities, advanced medical equipment and a full pharmacy – to get our patients better fast.

We Accept All Forms of Insurance

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What is a free-standing emergency room? A.

A free-standing emergency room is a medical facility that is not attached to a hospital but functions exactly like ERs that are. They are open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the treatment of any emergency. In Texas, they are licensed by the Department of State Health Services to ensure each one meets a high standard of quality and capability. Since the majority of patients who need emergency room care do not need to be admitted to the hospital, an emergency room doesn’t need to be connected to a hospital. Being independent from a hospital reduces many of the inefficiencies and other negatives associated with the usual ER experience. Although not located on a hospital campus, each one must maintain the same services provided by traditional ERs, such as CT scan capabilities, Lab capabilities and specially trained staff, etc. Free-standing emergency rooms are also similar to traditional ERs because they are staffed with the same board certified doctors and experienced ER nurses that you will find at any local hospital-based emergency room in town. In fact, we all worked at one or more of the local ER’s prior to joining the CapRock team!

How is a freestanding emergency room different from an urgent care center? A.

A freestanding emergency department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Most urgent care centers are only open 8 to 12 hours per day. A free-standing emergency room is capable of treating any emergent medical condition such as heart attack, stroke, head injury, seizure, sprains, broken bones, severe respiratory problems, pediatric emergencies, work-related injuries and everything in between. Many of these emergencies are beyond the scope of treatment for urgent care centers. Urgent care centers almost never have CT scan, ultrasound, and full lab capability within their facility but freestanding ERs are required to have these available at all times.

How are you different from a hospital-based emergency room? A.

CapRock Emergency provides the same diagnostics and treatment capabilities of any traditional hospital-based ER. However, we pride ourselves on having virtually no wait times for our patients to see a doctor, compared to a national average wait time of 4 hours at a traditional ER. Frequently, in hospitals both locally and nationwide, patients are cared for only by a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant or Resident. At CapRock Emergency, you will always be treated by a Board Certified Physician. Additionally, nearly all traditional emergency rooms are overwhelmed and understaffed. This creates rushed staff, impersonal encounters, increased risk of medical errors and very little time with the doctor. At CapRock Emergency, our low patient numbers allow our staff to focus on our patients and ensure their care is safe, convenient and personal. Our care is 100% patient centered with NO rush.

Do you accept my insurance? A.

We accept all major insurance plans. However, unfortunately due to government regulations, we cannot accept Medicaid, Medicare or TriCare.

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