WACO, TX (FOX 44) — There’s something magical about sports. Turning on highlights and watching clips of stars dazzling on the field, on the pitch or even on the court, it’s entertainment.

One Waco musician felt that magic and decided to run with it. Dustin Schumacher, or ‘EXEL’, began watching clips of Luka Doncic while in a creative rut. 15 minutes later, “Luka Magic” was created.

“Tens of thousands of streams started to roll in,” Schumacher said. “I take a step back, I’m always in third person taking it all in.”

EXEL’s latest song “Luka Magic” has nearly 70,000 streams on Spotify and even got the attention of the Dallas Mavericks, who played it at the American Airlines Center pregame.

“I emailed at least 100 people,” Schumacher said. “Whether that was a popcorn person, to Mark Cuban.”
EXEL’s fame is growing but his family roots continue to keep him grounded.

“I come from a pretty poor background,” Schumacher said. “I was raised by a strong mother and then I was raised by my brother because she was always working.”

Schumacher said his upbringing is not unique within the Dallas Mavericks organization.

“A lot of the players come from very rough backgrounds and to see where they are now it’s just incredible,” Schumacher said. “Through my story of music, I help to create inspiration and somewhat carry on side-by-side the legacy of the Mavericks.”

EXEL’s recent success serves as inspiration, not only to young people in the present, but to a younger version of himself.

“This is everything I’ve ever wanted since I was that kid that looked up to people like myself,” Schumacher said. “I’m just so grateful.”

You can listen to EXEL’s song “Luka Magic” here.