4 confirmed cases of Zika Virus in Bell County: What we know


It’s confirmed- Bell County has four Zika Virus cases. 

Gene Mikeska with the Bell County Health District says the four cases in our area are due to traveling. 

The first case was reported on July 13th. 

The virus can be sexually transmitted or even by just a healthy mosquito biting an infected person and then it biting someone new. 

No vaccine currently exists and prevention includes simply avoiding mosquitos. 

Officials say with 40 million people traveling back and forth to Latin America, the chances of someone carrying over the Zika Virus to Texas counties is very common. 

According to Centers for Disease and Control, as of Tuesday, there are 2,260 Zika Virus cases in the United States. 

529 of those cases are pregnant women. 

“The thing that makes the zika virus so serious is that it affects that next generation causing neurological diseases which can lead to death,” said Gene Mikeska

For more information, please visit our Zika Virus Resource Center.

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