ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Confetti-lined streets of Mill Creek Drive are usually a low traffic zone, but hundreds passed through the Wylie area neighborhood on Tuesday to bring gifts and support to 3-year-old Sienna Molina, who was diagnosed with cancer and recently given up to two weeks to live.

Sienna watches the parade go by

“We really wanted to take her trick-or-treating before all of this happened and recently we got the news that that probably wasn’t going to be the case,” Sienna’s aunt, Jessie Edwards told KTAB/KRBC.

Since Sienna’s diagnosis, the family has worked to fill her life with all the experiences they can, but when they realized she might not see Halloween, they reached out to neighbors to organize a small love train.

“It’s turned into this huge community thing where everyone’s turning out and just being so supportive of her and our family, and it’s just overwhelmingly amazing,” praised Edwards.

Once word got out, the floodgates opened. Hundreds responded with offers to show up and celebrate little Sienna’s life. Abilene fire trucks and police cruisers were the first down Mill Creek Drive, leading a cascading company of horses, bands, tumblers, cheerleaders, and well wishers with signs and chants belting out, “we love you, Sienna.”

“The community today has just been blowing us away,” Edwards said.

Sienna was diagnosed in 2022 and though she briefly went into remission, her diagnosis returned following her third birthday. Thanks to the generosity of others and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Sienna and her family were able to visit the beach just this year – a sight she had never seen before. Memories like that and the personal parade made that much more precious given the time she is expected to have left.

“She’s just so great, she lights up a room with her smile… I love Sienna so much like she’s awesome,” described Sienna’s oldest sister, Rylen Day. “She’s so cute when she wants to play, it’s almost hard to say no it’s like, ‘aww, yeah, okay.'”

Rylen told KTAB/KRBC her little sister’s diagnosis was difficult to accept, but she is thankful to have the time that she does to fill her life with joy.

Family friend and mother to Sienna’s good friends, Cathey Lee Pugh, called it an inspiring and heartbreaking experience, watching her friends go through. Pugh commended her friend Danielle, also known as ‘mom’ to Sienna, for her remarkable strength in the face of such devastating news.

“I’ve seen her cry like maybe two times all throughout… I just know we’ll be telling our kids that Sienna lived a really big life, she got her purpose done but He needs her in heaven more than we need her here,” Pugh reasoned.

Pugh remarked on the bright example Sienna can be to all of us, sharing that such a good and loving light could never truly be dimmed.

Children watch as tumblers pass by

“This is the end of, maybe her journey here on this earth, but it’s definitely not the ending of her story,” added Pugh.

To donate to Sienna’s family to cover medical costs and continue to provide her with new exciting experiences, you can do so on their GoFundMe page. Support and kind comments can be tagged #Siennastrong. The family told KTAB/KRBC they will take all the prayers and support they can get.