Animals seized at Hewitt home


Hewitt Police and animal control officers seized a total of 13 dogs and 3 cats at a residence in the 300 block of Applewood Wednesday morning after investigating tips from neighbors that a large number of animals were being kept there.

Police Chief James Devlin said the animals were all taken to the Waco Humane Society shelter and were being checked out by a veterinarian, but all appeared to be in good health.

The animals will be kept in quarantine ten days,  the within the ten days following a hearing will be held before a judge, probably the Hewitt municipal judge, to determine if the animals can be returned to the owner or if they will be seized.

Chief Devlin said they got the initial call August 31 and attempted to make contact with the occupants of the house.

He said officers noted a strong smell of animal urine when arriving at the front door and noted a total of twelve dogs in the back yard.

re were two occupants of the house who were working to clean it after the animals were removed.

They were finally able to make contact with someone in the home Tuesday and upon entering, noted five smaller dogs in one crate inside the home and two in another.

They also noted the smell of urine was so strong they had to go outside the house to conduct an interview with the occupant of the house.

They obtained a search warrant Wednesday to check the welfare of the animals, and at 9 a.m. returned with animal control personnel to take the animals to the shelter.

Chief Devlin said that they all appeared to have been well fed and appeared healthy but the final determination of their health will be made by the veterinarian. 

He said there were two occupants of the house who were working to clean it after the animals were removed.

Chief Devlin said at the current time the City of Hewitt does not have an ordinance stipulating how many animals may be kept at a residence,  but that after several incidents of this nature in the past years, his animal control team was looking into the crafting of one that could be presented to the city council.

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