It’s happening again. Drivers are being hit with rocks on Interstate 35 in Temple.

“There’s glass all on the inside of the car on my passenger’s seat. Luckily, on my side, I didn’t get any glass in my face,” says Deborah Jones, Bastrop City Council Member.

Jones considers herself lucky. Her car – not so much.

“You can just see how much damage it did,” Jones says.

Jones says she saw a rock about the size of a baseball falling from an overpass and onto I-35 in Temple.

“I could see something coming off the bridge in front of me, and before I realized what it was, it was right in my windshield,” Jones says.

Temple PD wasn’t able to track down the falling debris. Jones said this accident is eerily similar to another story she’s heard.

“As soon as it hit my windshield, I thought of a story I heard a couple of weeks ago of someone driving through Temple and getting killed by a rock going through the windshield,” Jones says.

Just last month, a young woman was killed when someone threw a rock onto I-35 and hit the car she was in. The suspect responsible for her death still hasn’t been caught.

Jones is using her experience to warn the police and prepare other unsuspecting drivers riding through the area.

“Hopefully they catch whoever did this,” Jones says.