Defense Attorney Paul Looney says his client has been criminally victimized and he wants to get the McLennan County District Attorney off the trial.

“We’ve always just wanted a trial. We didn’t care if it was judge, jury, which judge, which jury…we just want a trial. And instead we are getting revenge porn,” says Defense Attorney Paul Looney.

The drama surrounding the Twin Peaks Shooting trials continue.

This time, the Defense Attorney for Cody Ledbetter filed a motion against District Attorney Abel Reyna for illegal and outrageous government conduct. 

“Mr. Ledbetter and his wife had consensual sexual pictures on his telephone that was seized when the incident occurred at Twin Peaks. The government, contrary to his wishes, disseminated those under the guise of discovery to hundreds of other people,” Looney says.

He also says the picture and/or video are irrelevant to the case, and shouldn’t be shared with anyone without consent.

“And the McLennan County prosecutors not only did it, they have refused to rectify it.”

Looney says he filed a private motion to the judge to have the videos and picture removed from the case months ago, but it was denied.

“We’ve decided to go ahead  [and] public[ly] acknowledge that those things are out there, suffer the humiliation, suffer the embarrassment and get something done about it. It’s a crime under 2116 of the Criminal Code. It’s illegal to do what they did.”

FOX 44 went to the D.A.’s Office after the motion was filed, and they will not make a statement at this time.