Most police officers say you never know what you are going to find when you make a traffic stop.

Two Temple officers could testify to that early Thursday.

About 2:09 a.m. Thursday an officer requested backup after making a stop at North 8th Street and East Irvin Avenue.

One of the officers started talking to a passenger in the car who identified himself as Brian Michael Gibson.

The officer asked and gained consent to search Gibson’s person and located a  hunting knife in his right front pocket. 

After the owner of the vehicle also gave consent to search the vehicle, officers located a small carrying case near the passenger rear seat of the vehicle where Gibson had been sitting.

Inside of the case were several syringes and a clear plastic baggie with crystal like substances that officers said  in their report appeared to be Methamphetamine.

Temple police spokesperson Shawana Neely said, “Officers continued the search of the vehicle and located multiple laptops, tablets, and cell phones.”

“The driver of the vehicle, Shannon Alt, returned with a warrant out of Temple for assault with bodily injury,” she said.

Both Gibson and Shannon were placed into handcuffs and transported to the Bell County Jail.

“The substance tested positive for Methamphetamine.,” said Neely.