AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you glanced up at the sky on Saturday morning and swear you saw a UFO staring right back at you, you’re not alone.

Several eagle-eyed KXAN viewers contacted us after they spotted three mysterious white objects high in the sky above central Texas early on Saturday morning.

But don’t start planning for an alien invasion just yet – because these are not mysterious creatures from another world after all.

In fact, the white objects are air balloons that are part of Project Loon, a Google-operated initiative that provides internet access to rural areas.

It does this by sending a network of balloons into the stratosphere that then send internet access down to remote areas of Earth.

According to a flight tracking website, six balloons are floating about 50,000 feet in the air above Texas on Saturday.

Six balloons are floating about 50,000 feet above Texas on Saturday (Picture:
The balloons send an internet signal down to communities in need (Picture: YouTube/Loon)

By 10:30 a.m., three balloons were flying west of San Marcos in the Wimberley area, two were near Gonzales, and one was over Boerne near San Antonio.

Earlier, they were seen in Leander before they floated south, over west Austin.

Project Loon balloons have been spotted across the country in recent weeks, including in Colorado, Nebraska and Virginia.

This video explains how Loon works: