Area homeowner relieved Coryell County fire is contained


The Coryell County fire that sparked on Harmon Road is 100 percent contained. Crews spent about a week battling close to 3000 acres of land.

Brad Hansel has a ranch down the CR 142 in Coryell County and that fire barely missed his property. He says though the damage has been done, people in the area have a lot of work to do.

“There’s a lot of devastation out there. It’s crazy to see just how much is damaged.”

Hensel got several unexpected calls last week.

“We got a phone call from neighbors and then the sheriff that said the fire was going towards our property on Thursday,” Hensel said.

The flames surrounding a wildlife ranch he built with his mother, in the middle of the land was their home.  

“Luckily, we didn’t lose anything except for some corrals but it was pretty intense there. A lot of emotions going you know, because there is so much that is in that house.”

Hensel says the damage is something he’s never seen before in the county.

“Just to see it, it looks just like a war zone,” Hensel said. “Especially with all of the smoldering ashes and just the black. it’s crazy to see what a fire can damage.”

His property barely dodged the fire but he knows it’ll be a while before everyone gets back on their feet.

“Now you have the cleanup process that’s going to go in and it’s going to take a long time. especially for those fields coming back until the rains and the structures that were damaged,” Hensel said. 

Hensel says he’s thankful for those who put an end to the fire.

“Most of the time they are telling you thank you back and i’m like, no you’re the one out here fighting this and doing that. It should be expected that you’re doing that for people.”

Henson passed by the scene of the fire several times and has created a Gofundme earlier this week to help the crews that worked to put out the fire. If you’d like to donate, click here.

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