Army family traveling to Fort Hood burglarized


A soldier and his family are trying to put the pieces back together after a thief stole all their belongings while moving to Fort Hood.

“It’s so heart-wrenching and it hurts so much. And there is no words of emotion that explain how we felt when it happened,” Wendy Sturm says.

Army Sergeant Jesse Sturm and his wife Wendy are traveling from New York to Fort Hood, but made a pit stop in Tulsa to attend the wedding of Jesse’s sister last Saturday.

They parked their truck and U-Haul with everything they own in a parking lot across from their hotel, but everything was gone the next morning.

“I kind of looked around and didn’t see it. I was kind of like, ‘What the heck?,'” Jesse says. “And as I got closer to where the truck was parked, I saw broken glass on the ground.”

That’s when he knew someone stole it. 

“Heart-wrenching and deflating, and we feel betrayed,” Wendy says.

Jesse says about 90 percent of what they own is now gone. 

“Our washer and dryer unit, our couch, our recliner, my work bench with all my tools, my seven-month -old’s crib is gone, my three-year-old’s bed was in there,” Jesse explains. “All of their toys, their books, their clothes, all of my uniforms.”

He says Tulsa police recovered the U-Haul with the windows smashed just a few hours later about ten miles from the hotel. Some things were left, but most of their belongings were still missing. 

“One of the things that was in there was a fourth generation cookbook, you know. That was hand-written recipes. Those don’t mean anything to anything else,” Wendy says.

Now their move to Fort Hood has been placed on hold for a few days while they figure out paperwork.

“Karma. Karma is a you-know-what. So just because they got away with it today doesn’t mean they are going to get away with it next time.” 

Police have not commented on the investigation into the theft.

The Strums have set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to replace the stolen goods. You can find the link by clicking here

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