January 01 2022 12:00 am

Bakery feels heat from FDA after listing ‘love’ as ingredient


A Massachusetts bakery is getting heat tonight for listing ‘love’ as an ingredient in their granola. 

The FDA says Nashoba Brook’s Bakery in Concord is breaking regulations because labeling love as an ingredient is considered to be false material. 

Vavvette Blevins who owns Work of Art Cakes in Killeen disagrees. 

“Who wants baked goods that’s not made with love, anything that’s baked goods should have the baked goods made with love, that’s what it’s about.”

Nashoba Brook’s Bakery says for over 20  years they’ve listed love in their nutrition facts and it’s never been an issue. 

The bakery’s owner John Deeds says there was never any misleading or malicious intent behind labeling love as an ingredient. 

The ‘love’ ingredient has since come off the bakery’s label. 

Deeds says he plans to put love back into the ingredients as it is an indication of the passion the bakery has for its food. 

The bakery also broke several other violations such as failing to maintain buildings, fixutres and other facilites in a sanitary condition. 

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