Baylor Head Football Coach Matt Rhule announced Wednesday the suspension of four Baylor football players, with at least two involved in a sexual assault investigation. 

These players include Eric Ogor, Travon Lewis, Justin Harris and John Arthur.

The allegations come from two women part of Baylor’s equestrian team, both reported a rape back in November. 

The Baylor University police incident reports it happened at the University Apartments near Baylor. 

It is currently unknown if any of them had a role in the reported assault, and none of the players are facing criminal charges at this time. 

Rhule said he is not involved in the investigation, which is a departure from the way these incidents were handled at Baylor University in the past. It is for this reason Rhule firmly believes the situation is being taken care of by the University in the right way.

“When something happens, you’re separated from the team until there is some clarity in the situation and the people who do this for a living, they handle the investigation.” said Rhule. 

For more information, you can watch the video above.