Bell Co. Sheriff’s Department raising awareness of phone scams


The Bell County Sheriff’s Department has been receiving complaints in reference to a number of phone scams in the area.

One scam involves the person receiving a call from a person who advises they work for the IRS, who threatens to arrest the individual for unpaid taxes.

The second of these scams involves the person receiving a call from a person identifying himself as Sgt. Justin Kelly, Donnie Adams or some other law enforcement officer whose name has been in the media or on the news as a ruse to inform the person there was an urgent matter needing to be addressed. The individual then tells the person there is a warrant for their arrest for failure to appear or missing jury duty, and then provides a warrant number. The individual informs the person if the fine isn’t paid, then deputies would be sent to their residence to arrest them.

The sheriff’s department says these scams recycle over the year, and mainly target the elderly. Potential vistims are advised to request a callback number to reach the person or business. After doing this, they are urged to contact the Bell County Sheriff’s Department to verify whether this agency has made an attempt to contact them.

Source: Bell County Sheriff’s Department

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