Bell County candidates speak out while waiting for results


The Bell County races heating up this election.

Republican candidate for Bell County Precinct 4 Commissioner John Fisher says he is ready for a fifth term in office, he says if re-elected he wants to continue on the path that Bell County is currently on.

“Keeping Bell County on good financial order, keeping the conservative values in Bell County and just continue to work on a few projects that I have already started that I’d like to see through fruition,” said Fisher.

Meanwhile, the Representative for Bell County Democrats William Rosenberg says electing a democrat to that position would be “truly historic,” saying Driver will truly represent the diversity that is Precinct 4.

“Things change over time, I respect Commissioner Fisher for what he’s done, but I think truly it’s time for a change and I think John Driver represents that change,” said Rosenberg.

Another closely watched race is for Congressional District 31.

Republican Representative John Carter was at the polls in Harker Heights and Killeen on Tuesday meeting with supporters and trying to get votes.

He told FOX 44 he’s been working every day going from door to door making phone calls to get his numbers up.

He says he is extremely grateful for his many volunteers who have been working day in and day out to give him the edge over Democratic candidate Mary Jennings “MJ” Hegar.

“Well I certainly have respect for her service and honor her for her sacrifice I disagree with her on her policy,” said Rep. Carter.

MJ was not in Bell County on Tuesday, she was out campaigning in Round Rock, Morgan’s Point and Austin.

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