Bell County Protesters Rally For Removal of Confederate Monument


BELL COUNTY, Texas. On Sunday, dozens across Bell County gathered in front of the courthouse in Belton to protest against police brutality. This came after nationwide rallies surrounding the death of George Floyd.

Protesters say they also attended the event to demand to removal of the confederate statue that sits in front of the building. The statue was built on October 1916 by the Daughters of the Confederacy to honor those who fought in the civil war.

Rally organizer, Patrick Arryn says it represents racism and hate, but says at the end of the he wants unity.

“I want individuals to come together, even though we’re different and be one heartbeat,” says Arryn.

Others say the monument does not reflect any racist ideas.

“Well they want to take down the statue over here that’s just a piece of cement its not bothering nobody. It was put up for some good people that done some dyin’, on what they thought was right,” says David Glasgow, An Anti-Protester.

On July 13th, Bell County Citizens for Change say they plan to meet with county commissioners to convince them on removing the statue.

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