The Belton Independent School District is hoping to improve school security with three new employees.

The school board recently approving extra positions aimed at keeping kids safe. 

“Safety and security of our students is our highest priority,” says Superintendent Susan Kincannon. 

Kincannon is spear heading the plan.

“We just looked a little harder at the goal in light of recent events and spent some additional time planning for improvements in this area,” Kincannon said. 

The school board budgeted for two coordinators for safety and emergency preparedness. They are also adding someone to design and implement a social emotional program to support students. 

“We want a comprehensive plan to address safety and security in our district, and we want a plan that keeps students at the heart of everything we do,” Kincannon said.  

In addition, officials plan to get drug dogs for campuses and make school entrances harder targets, hoping to keep the district’s nearly-12,000 students out of harm’s way. 

“We want our parents to have the confidence and our students to have the confidence that their schools are safe,” Kincannon said. 

The Belton school board plans to officially adopt safety improvement plans in late August.