Belton students get living history lesson


Belton High School A.P. U.S. History students got the chance to participate in a unique lesson by touring the Harris Community Center.

They gained perspective on the Civil Rights Movement and went back in time to what it was like growing up in a segregated culture.

“I think we’ve kind of overlooked that Belton was segregated at one point, and for me it creates an appreciation for the equality that there is today,” says junior Chandler Garrett.

“It’s not just something you read about. It happened every day in our community. Here locally and globally. And just getting them to think outside of themselves and outside of their little world and their bubble,” says teacher Rebecca Kidder.

The community center was once home to Belton’s only African-American school. This is the second time students from Belton High School have experienced the living history lesson.

Source: Belton Independent School District

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