Bizarre change to Bryan ordinance targets robots

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City of Bryan staff recently approved a recommendation to expanding the existing definition of “sexual encounter center” to include robots and the use of robots for a sexual purpose.

Across the state of Texas, discussions have been increasing regarding businesses incorporating a specific use within a “sexual encounter center”.

In order to maintain the intent of the existing adult entertainment regulations, city staff recommended expanding the existing definition of “sexual encounter center” to include robots and the use of robots for a sexual purpose.

The intent is the definition of “adult entertainment” and other related definitions contained under the definition of “adult entertainment” be used to regulate the use of property under the general zoning powers of a home rule city.

According to a Bryan City Council board meeting agenda from January 8, applicable Texas statutory law authorizes home rule cities to divide cities into districts and regulate the use of property within the districts for the purpose of promotion of the health, safety and morals of the public, and for the protection of the general welfare of the community.

The provisions of this portion of the Zoning Ordinance are intended to minimize the negative or adverse secondary effects of adult entertainment uses on the community. The provisions of the ordinance have neither the purpose nor the effect of imposing a limitation or restriction on the content of any communicative materials, including sexually oriented materials.

It is not the intent or the effect of the ordinance to restrict or deny access by adults to sexually oriented materials protected by the First Amendment, or to deny access by the distributors and exhibitors of sexually oriented entertainment to their intended market. Neither is it the intent nor effect of the Ordinance to condone or legitimize any activity that may be illegal under other applicable law.

Based on evidence concerning the adverse secondary effects of adult uses on the community presented in hearings and in reports made available to the City Council, which are enumerated within the ordinance, the City Council has established adult entertainment is inappropriate in most zoning districts.

During a special meeting on December 20, 2018, the Planning and Zoning Commission, unanimously voted to recommend approval of the proposed amendments to the text of Bryan Code of Ordinances Chapter 130, as presented by staff.

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Source: City of Bryan

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