Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Bridge Street Plaza in East Waco was bustling Wednesday evening for its first farmers market.

The Downtown Waco Farmer’s Market made this expansion after community members said they wanted more opportunities to come out.

The Bridge Street Farmers Market is important to have in East Waco it being a food insecure area.

Now, East Waco community members have increased accessibility to different food options close by.

“I like the energy. I like people, pets, families out on a Wednesday evening, which is not typical. So overall, I’m pleased,” said Andre Watkins Waco Community Member.

Watkins grew up as a child in East Waco and remembers how much the community has changed through the years.

“I do remember the transition between businesses being vibrant on the street and then they kind of going dormant and is glad to see businesses are coming back,” said Watkins.

Northeast Riverside Neighborhood Association President Jeanette Bell says the farmers market is a start to bigger changes in East Waco.

“We don’t have a grocery store, but this is close, as close to grocery store that we have been since the fifties or sixties. There were three grocery stores over here. Although we don’t have a grocery store, we do have this farmer’s market,” said Bell.

Numerous vendor tents were up, food truck lines stayed busy, and even first-time sellers like Weldon Gooden received a lot of customer traffic.

“I sold out in 2 hours and I enjoyed every minute. I met a lot of people. My product was buttermilk brownies and real lemon cake, and they loved it,” said Gooden.

Waco community member Andrew Grisham attended today’s market and says it’s great seeing change in East Waco.

“Being from Waco and then seeing how much East Waco has grown, I think it’s shining a lot better light on this side of the river. That is, something needs to be done in seeing all the growth on the east side is amazing, and then just incorporating all this into it. I think the East Side is about to boom like crazy,” said Grisham.

The market will accept SNAP, and will provide WIC vouchers for fresh produce beginning April through October.

It will operate every Wednesday evening from 5 – 8 P.M.