Bringing Black History to Life


We are now over halfway through Black History Month, and one employee at McLennan Community College is keeping history alive.

Jacinda Estelle has been dressing up everyday this month as a notable black woman from history or the current day. Estelle works as a Health Profession Simulator at McLennan Community College.

“I’m starting to notice that people may not know exactly what Harriet Tubman did or Sojourner Truth, you know, people from history such as that. So with me dressed up, people would ask questions,” Estelle says.

Estelle says one of the most memorable days was when she dressed as Rosa Parks and recreated a photograph of being told to leave a bus. She says students really took notice.

“They appreciate the fact that I’m doing something like this, and it’s just so brave to step out and dress up as someone different,” Estelle says. 

Estelle plans to carry the new tradition every year because she doesn’t want students to forget the past. 

“I want them to take away the fact that our history is never dead. And I feel like the more that we talk about it, we can keep that knowledge of our history going and speak it to the younger generation because they don’t know unless we interact with them about it,” Estelle says. 

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