January 01 2022 12:00 am

“Buddy Bench” combats bullying at Robinson ISD


Some Robinson ISD students are using a unique tool to combat bullying. 

It’s called the “Buddy Bench” and it sits near the playground for students looking for playmates. 

Robinson ISD says sometimes students may feel alone or don’t know who to play with during recess, and if that’s the case they can sit on the buddy bench and wait for another student to ask them to play. 

“Ask them if they want to play tag, or if they want to go on the swings, or do anything with them, whatever they want to do,” says Anthony Martinez, 2nd grader. 

The Robinson Primary and the Robinson Elementary School have a Buddy Bench. Both schools have had their bench for less than a month, and they both claim to already see the impact. 

“They can’t wait to ask someone to play. So we are really seeing a lot of positive feedback from the bench, so we are really excited about it,” says Lindsey Richard, Primary and Elementary Counselor. 

The students agree that this idea comes with a rather simple outcome. 

“They will become friends until you get to college if you’re still in the same grade,” says Anthony. 

“That’s how we can take away all the people that are sad and give them happy,” says a Robinson Primary student. 

The schools hope this will have a lifetime impact on students standing up against bullying. 

Students have learned the chant, “Make buddies, not bullies” as a reminder. 

Both benches came from a grant by the Robinson Education Foundation. 

For more information on how to say “Not In My Town,” visit here.

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