An 18-year-old Waco man is facing a litany of charges following a domestic disturbance that stretched all the way across town and involving punching , kicking, biting and car ramming.

Police say it started early Tuesday evening at Providence Health Center where a McLennan County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the couple arguing and a man hitting and kicking a woman.

The deputy broke it up and told them to take their argument somewhere other than the hospital.

As the pair walked to the parking lot, the disagreement started again and again became physical with the deputy once again intervening and getting them into their separate vehicles.

The woman then began driving to her mother’s west Waco home, but noticed the man, identified by the police as her boyfriend, Ladavion Malike Eckles, had followed her.

Ladavion Malike Eckles

At this point, she attempted to leave her mother’s home and drive to her apartment on East Lakeshore Drive.

She told officers Eckles followed, bumping and ramming her car with his multiple times all the way across town.

When she arrived at her apartment in the 2500 block of East Lakeshore, Eckles is accused of jumping up and down on the top of car car, denting in the roof.

As she got out of her car to run, he is accused of grabbing her, kicking and punching and throwing her to the ground and biting her on her back.

Neighbors began approaching with some calling police and Eckles fled.

Officers arrived and took the report, but thinking he might return, parked near the front of the apartment complex.

In the meantime, the victim’s mother arrived to check on her daughter and as the two talked, her assailant came out of a hiding place and assaulted the two again, fleeing as officers arrived.

Witnesses told police they thought he had gone to a nearby gas station, where officers found him and took him into custody.

He was booked into the McLennan County Jail on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon ( his car), two separate charges of assault ( for the victim and her mother) and a final charge of disorderly conduct, fighting.

He remained in the jail Wednesday afternoon on a total of $30,000 bond.