Houston — Cedric Marks, the man suspected of killing Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin spoke to KPRC2 reporter Sophia Beausoleil after police recaptured him Sunday. 

“I can only imagine what’s going on with their family, and I am so sorry for their losses, but I did not and had nothing to do with this,” Marks said.

On Sunday in Conroe, officials said Marks broke free from a private prisoner transportation company’s vehicle. U.S. marshals arrested Marks in Michigan. The transportation company was hired to bring him back to Texas.

Conroe police said when the van stopped at a McDonald’s, Marks somehow got out of his restraints and escaped. After a nine-hour manhunt, he was found hiding in a nearby trash can.

Marks said he can’t talk about that day, but he didn’t shy away from defending himself from the heinous crimes of which he’s accused.

“Like I said, the media has put out a witch hunt for me, and I am not guilty,” Marks said.

Marks’ current girlfriend, Maya Maxwell, told authorities she was present when Marks allegedly killed both Jenna Scott and Swearingen at a home in Killeen.

An affidavit from Bell County states Maxwell gave information to police on where to find the bodies in Oklahoma. She’s also currently in jail and is charged with tampering with evidence.

“I believe they coerced her and scared her and forced her to say something. Like, none of it has involved me,” Marks said.

The Scott family said they don’t buy what Marks is saying.

“He could twist any situation around, and that appears to be exactly what he’s doing,” Jonathan Scott said. “Let justice be served for Jenna and Michael.”