Waco, TX (FOX 44) — We’re 10 days away from the start of Fall and farmers in our area are happy to see rain returning to our area.

We’re still in extreme drought conditions and Fall Harvest is underway.

The rain solves one problem for crops, but some farmers still need more rain to prevent future issues.

“Pastures right now are very short. There’s actually a concern right now. A lot of livestock producers in Central Texas are feeding hay right now to animals that may leave them short for hay this winter,” said Texas Farm Bureau spokesperson Gary Joiner.

Joiner says the Earth itself still needs a desperate amount of water.

The additional stress on pastures and meadows can impact a grounds suitability for growth and in turn animals.

“They are in desperate need of rainfall right now. Stock tanks, ponds need to be filled. So any rainfall that comes will be greatly beneficial,” said Joiner.

In terms of crops, World Hunger Relief lead cultivator Grant Hall says they’re getting by.

“The drought’s been difficult. We try to ration our water as best we can and be responsible with that resource, even though we do have a well, but we use a lot of drip irrigation which can make cultivation a little cumbersome,” said Hall.

Hall says they started planting their Fall crops three weeks ago

Waiting for positive results, Hall says its been tricky getting past triple digit heat.

“We’re definitely skating by okra in this time in this climate, which is why we grow it and we try to grow a lot of it. Tomatoes really peter out. They don’t like the heat at all,” said Hall.

The drought and extreme heat has also made it hard for Hall to break ground to grow more crops.

With the rainfall we’re experiencing, Hall sees it as an opportunity for more seeds to germinate and soon become food to provide others.