Chamber of Commerce announces Legacy Award recipient


The Waco Chamber of Commerce announced their annual Legacy Award recipient, which recognizes a person who’s gone above and beyond as a leader in the Waco community.

Virginia DuPuy is known around the community as someone that gets things done and works hard, building a huge foundation for the city of Waco.

DuPuy grew up in Houston but moved to Waco in 1955 and is a Baylor graduate. 

She was very active in the local theater and drama efforts and she cultivated drama programs for schools in the community. 

She later started a welding business with her husband, which has been in business for 65 years.

She was the first woman to be the chair of the chamber,  later working with the city as a council member.

In 2005– she served as mayor. 

“Just doing lots of listening and trusting your own skills. Building your own skills, learn what it is you’re interested in and learn it to your best ability. Study in school real well and try some different things and think, ‘wait a minute, I am not good at that, but I am good with this here and put your energy in that direction,” DuPuy said.

Dupuy is the second person to be honored with the chamber of commerce’s legacy award.

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