CHINA SPRING, Texas (FOX 44) – China Spring Volunteer Fire Department had their bi-annual barbeque fundraiser on Saturday. The fundraiser is essential to the department’s operation to pay for repairs and gear.

Fire Department Captain Andrew Owens was concerned that the Trump Rally might deter people from attending their fundraiser. However, they ended up selling out two hours early.

“We sold out around 6:00, which we do sell out from fun different, especially with it being a beautiful day and everything. But I think maybe having the extra people in town, even our own community, just knowing that they’re around on a Saturday, it definitely did help.” – Owens

The department is uncertain on the number of people served or the total money raised, but they do know they served roughly 2,600 pounds of brisket, 800 pounds of chicken and 700 pounds of sausage.

Donations are essential to any volunteer fire department, due to costly expenses like trucks and gear. China Spring will use the funds received to replace a truck and purchase new gear for new members.

Captain Owens looks at volunteering as a way to serve his community, “For me, I’m second generation. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years all together. Most of us are veterans and we’re the veterans. You just have that sense of service and this is just the way that we’re able to serve our community. The same goes for all of our other members. It’s just we just enjoy helping out. And this is a great way to for us to help out with our community. This is our home.”