Church Under The Bridge relocating to new spot


Charles Benson, a co-pastor for the Church Under The Bridge in Waco says the church will relocate to a new spot in spring due to construction. 

Currently, church members meet under the I-35 bridge and N. 5th St. every Sunday, where they are also fed. 

Benson says, “It is God’s hand reaching out through the hearts of others. I am loving it simply because God has opened a place for us to be, what a wonderful place to be then right there at Magnolia.”

John Marsicano, the spokesperson for Magnolia says these church members will be able to worship at the new location from March of 2019 till March of 2020, free of charge for one year. 

He says, ” This group has served the community for more than two decades with such an overwhelming sense of compassion and kindness and we have such admiration for Jimmi and his group.”

Jimmy Dorrell is the pastor of the church. 

Marsicano says it is an honor for the Gaines to help this church. 

Benson says the poor and homeless will be fed at the new location. 

He says the location is perfect as the church members are close to other organizations, such as the Salvation Army. 

The members will have to follow certain guidelines and restrictions but he says that will not be a problem. 

Marsicano says there won’t be a problem with parking for these church members as the Silos are not open on Sundays. 

He says, “The grounds can hold roughly 3,000 people at full capacity so the extra space is there to use as needed.”

Benson says as with anything in life people are divided, meaning there are some church members that are not happy with this move. 

Toby Gager, a church member says, “I think that it is a huge just maybe a publicity stunt for the Silos, I do not feel like God should be brought into the Silos.” 

Fox 44 tried to reach Jimmy Dorrell for a comment as well, but he was not available. 

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