Clifton ISD closes to disinfect campuses

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Clifton ISD has announced it will be closed the rest of the week.

In a statement issued Tuesday, district officials said that due to health concerns and increased student absences, all Clifton ISD campuses will be closed Wednesday, January 31 through Friday February 2.

Classes will resume on Monday, February 5.

“In the hallways a lot of people have been coughing and I try to like, cover my mouth and get away from that.” said Jerome Ridgel, freshman. 

Clifton ISD school administrators said Tuesday around 20% of their students were out because of a sickness, some with the flu. 

“I spoke with my sons teacher the other day and he actually did say that there was a 20% absence rate and that was at the elementary school.” said Cassie Webber, parent of students at Clifton ISD. 

Students got the news Tuesday morning, with word traveling fast. 

“We get all these text and everybody’s all like, ‘Oh yo’ we missing school until Monday,’ and I’m like oh my gosh.” said Ridgel. “They are going to wipe down all the doors and tables and everything.”

It’s a deep clean parents agree with. 

“This will be a good way to kind of wipe the slate clean.” said Webber. 

Some parents even admitting their child has stayed home sick. 

“I keep them home until they have been fever free without medication for 24 hours.” said Webber. “When other parents send their kids to school sick, then it just creates a vicious cycle where kids are getting sick and sent home over and over again.”

School administrators hoping this impromptu five day weekend will give everyone time to recuperate, having a healthy start on Monday.

“I wash my hands, I don’t drink after people, I try to stay clean.” said Ridgel. 

Superintendent Rhoda White says in an email: 

“The district had an absence rate of approximately 20% today (Tuesday). In addition to daily disinfecting done by custodial staff, all campuses were thoroughly disinfected on January 15, with a second round tomorrow (Wednesday).” 

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