Clifton PD reports ‘fight club’ in city parks


CLIFTON, Texas – Clifton Police have released information on their Facebook page saying they received “reports of a group of young people who have been participating in a “fight club”.

According to the post, there have been a number of fights organized at private residence and in city parks.

Some people in Clifton, like Adrian Edwards, say it’s not a big deal and the matter shouldn’t be blown out out of proportion.

“As a kid, I’ve been in the same little thing. But we had boxing gloves. We did it like that. I don’t think it was really that serious. Just a few kids out being kids,” Edwards says.

Others argue that the “fight club” reveals a bigger problem.

With it being summertime in a small town like Clifton, residents say its too easy for young folks to get bored and get themselves into trouble.

Paul Morales tries to address this issue by offering his restaurant lobby once a month so kids have a place to hang out in a safe environment.

“Unless they have an outlet or somewhere to release it, bad can come out of it. So if you give them something positive to do, hopefully they’ll take advantage of that and come out and just enjoy themselves and have a good time without getting themselves in trouble,” Morales says.

The department is currently investigating and will be filing criminal charges on at least two young men, with the possibility of more charges to come.

The department goes on to say Clifton city parks are intended for the enjoyment of the citizens and visitors to the community. They say any behavior deemed illegal, immoral, or disturbing to the public will not be tolerated.

Patrol will now be greatly increased in the city park areas. The department will practice a zero-tolerance policy for violations of Texas law or city ordinance. Violators will be cited or arrested on site, without exception.

Source: Clifton Police Department

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