After Wednesday night’s special Waco Independent School District meeting, a new campaign by community members is underway for Thursday’s upcoming meeting.

However, organizers say a secret source says the board already made a decision – but didn’t share it with the public.

According to Pastor Larrye Weaver, III, a source told him all but three board members chose to keep Dr. Marcus Nelson in office – which means he may no longer have his job as superintendent.

Weaver says there is a new campaign by the community to address this at Thursday night’s meeting. The district is saying this source is wrong.

Dozens of people stayed up until midnight on Wednesday to hear the school board’s decision, which was no action.

“I told y’all a few hours ago, it was possible that we may make it to a point where we are not going to be able to take action tonight,” says Pat Atkins, Waco ISD School Board President.

But according to Weaver, this decision may have already been made.

“They are a very trustworthy, credible source, and I was told that they had already come to a decision on last night,” Weaver says.

Weaver says now it’s time to mobilize the community for the next school board meeting asking, “Is this what you really want?”

“And so, our plans are to just be there to support and let the school board know that our hearts are in this long-term,” Weaver continued.

Waco ISD Spokesperson Kyle Debeer says the source of the information provided to Weaver is wrong.

“There were no votes, absolutely,” Debeer says. “I think the time they spent in closed session reflects how significant this decision is. So I would not want to guess specifically what the board would take.”

However, during Wednesday night’s meeting, this is exactly what some people want: action.

“In that handbook, it has a drug and alcohol policy – and he broke that drug and alcohol policy. And it has a clear depiction, from what I understand, of what happens when you break this rule,” says Eddie Gibson, Waco community member.

The school board meeting to discuss Dr. Marcus Nelson’s employment will continue on Thursday at 6:00 p.m., but in a different fashion. Public input to the board will not be allowed.

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