Coryell community searches for missing man


FOX44 speaks with a woman whose boyfriend vanished three weeks ago in Coryell County, specifically in the Gatesville community of Flat. 

Cindy Witt says she has dated 52-year-old Brian Nesbit for eight years. 

“It is devastating. I don’t want to think bad. I keep him in my heart that he is alive out there,” Witt says.

Witt says Nesbit vanished on September 7, and the only communication they had was via someone else’s cell phone without revealing where he went. 

“I just want him to come home. And please, if anybody in the Leon Junction area has seen him or heard anything, please call the Sheriff’s Department and let them know. Please. I need him home,” Witt says.

Nesbit’s brother, Bob Dean, lives in Houston. But he came to Central Texas to help with the search. Dean says he does not believe his brother would commit suicide or run away.  

“He would not do this to his mom or his daughter. When I lay down in bed at night it is really hard, I cried again last night,” Dean says. “Brian was an outdoorsman. He used to fish there all the time in the area. He knew every place there like the back of his hand.” 

Coryell County Sheriff’s Deputy Chief Mark Wilcox explains everything has been done to find Nesbit except one thing.

“The fact that he left in a vehicle, there is nothing that you can really do with a tracking type of dog and other dogs. You have to have a particular place for a starting point,” Wilcox says.

Wilcox says law enforcement has searched air, ground – even Lake Belton – all without a trace. 

Wilcox describes Nesbit’s pickup as silver and grayish, with a purple streak through it. 

The deputy chief says the man left his home without his wallet or a cellphone – which is strange.  

Witt credits her community, especially churches, for helping her pay the bills. 

Wilcox says it is important to always communicate with your family about your whereabouts, even if it is something as simple as going to a store. 

Dean says the family even hired a private helicopter to search for their loved one. He is asking for any search groups to join if possible. 

Wilcox says this is the first missing person case so far this year. 

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