Coryell Memorial Hospital reopens


Weeks after the Coryell Memorial Hospital explosion, residents and hospital staff are trying to return to normal.

Despite a restraining order from one of the victim’s family in place, the investigation into the blast cause drags on.

Cleaning and new construction is what was going on at the hospital on Wednesday.

“Overall, the building made it through wonderfully well in this area. With the exception of just a lot on dust that was shaken lose from the blast,” says Coryell Memorial Hospital Administrator Amy Patterson Ivy.

“It will be something that I’ll always remember,” says Meadows Retirement Home resident Derry Rarris. “It’s a great relief to be home.”

Staff says they are focused on the cleanup and construction projects, including a new rehabilitation center.

“All areas of out healthcare system are back up and operational. The Meadows has a new 16-bed rehab wing that has been under construction for some time now, and that area was not affected by the blast in any way,” said Ivy.

Hospital officials also say they will rebuild in the future as they continue to keep the victims families of the explosion in their prayers.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the families and those workers, and it’s always in our hearts and in our minds,” says CMH Director of Marketing Carly Latham.

As far as the explosion site goes, it has been covered up by black-screened tarp. The hospital can’t comment further, as a restraining order is in place and the investigation continues.

Latham says reconstruction at the explosion site will happen in the future, “That part is on hold for now, but we definitely have plans to move forward and rebuild.”

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