Pro-life Waco, a group dedicated to fighting abortions provided by the Planned Parenthood invited a guest speaker to talk about abortions, eugenics and targeting black community. 

Reverend Stephen Broden, a senior pastor at Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas spoke about eugenics.

The event took place Sunday at St. Mary’s Catholic Church’s parish hall on Columbus Ave. 

Rev. Broden says, “Over 80 percent of Planned Parenthood facilities located across this country are located within one mile of African American or minority community.”

He says the black women are the main target. “Black women are 4.8 times more likely to have an abortion. We’re talking about 1.8 thousand black babies a day are aborted in America.”

Rev. Broden says eugenics is the goal of the Planned Parenthood, a practice intended to “purify the society of undesirables.”

“Through slick advertising and sophisticated marketing the organization has communicated to the black community that the best answer for unintended pregnancy is to murder their children in the womb.”

A Waco mother of three, Deborah McGregor says, “A lot of women buy into it thinking it will just undo their situation and what happens is a lot of time it sends them down the tunnel, just a deep dark tunnel of being alone.”

She says abortion goes against humanity. 

“The truth is it is against our nature to kill our young, it is against the nature of a woman to kill a baby. “
Fox 44 has also reached out to the Planned Parenthood for a chance to respond. If they do respond, we will post their response here.