If you think it’s hot outside now, you know it’s even hotter inside a car – where temperatures can climb 20 degrees in ten minutes.

37 children die inside a car every year on average, and there have already been seven reports this year.

Leaving your baby inside a hot car for just a couple of minutes could give them a heat stroke and possibly kill them.

Meaghan Goss has three children, with her youngest at 20 months old.

“It’s very painful for them because you’re hot and your brain is cooking,” Goss says.

She knows just how hot cars can get in a matter of minutes.

“What do you think its doing to your kid’s brain when you leave him in the car? It’s liquefying their brain and causing them to die of heat exhaustion. And not having any of the water inside their systems, so they are just dying off. Slowly and painful, honestly,” Goss says.

Having your window cracked while running a quick errand doesn’t eliminate the heat. On a 90 degree day, your car can easily get up to 124 degrees in just 30 minutes.

Another problem parents face is having too many distractions.

“E-mails are coming in, your phone’s ringing, you’re almost late for work, you got so much going on that you just forget. We get busy on our day-to-day lives,” says Waco PD Sgt. Patrick Swanton.

“Because yeah, you’re a parent. I’m on the go, always working everywhere with all three kids. And I mean, it is easy to forget,” Goss says.

There are several ways and products serving as simple reminders your child is in the backseat.

“When he was a baby, I bought a car seat and I feel kind of partial to it because the car seat that I bought for him was one that you plug underneath the dash. And every time you would stop and turn off the car, it would ding and everything to remind you that your kid is in the back seat,” Goss describes.

Just remember the acronym A.C.T. It stands for Avoid the heat stroke, Create something that reminds you that the child is in the car, and Take action.

If you do see a child in a locked car, make sure you call 911 immediately. This is especially important as the Texas heat starts to take over.

We could already be in the 100s by next week, with the feel-like temperatures around the low 100s.