Daycare defends itself against child abuse allegations

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A mother is accusing a Waco daycare of neglecting and injuring her baby, and a federal agency is investigating.

In a Facebook post, she claims the Candy Cane Corner Daycare in Waco on Panther Way is responsible for bite marks on her baby’s cheeks. 

While the mother has not responded to us about these accusations, the daycare owner is defending her staff. 

The owner Kristi Ketchem says she loves the children at her daycare like her own.

She says this parent is bashing her business without any proof. 

The Department of Family and Protective Services is investigating this case. 

Online, the mother claims the bites look like they came from an adult. The owner denies the claims – saying the bites came from another child. The daycare owner says she self-reported the incident to Health and Human Services.

“Their children are safe here,” says daycare owner Kristi Ketchem. “I care about these kids. It is my life. I haven’t owned it for this long and put every bit of whole self and soul into this because I don’t care. I care.”

FOX 44 looked at the daycare center’s past inspections, and found they have had problems in the past.
But they did not involve any kind of physical activity.

Ketchem says, “These kids are number one to me I want all these children to be treated like I would my own child 

She says, “I don’t understand why someone would try to make the center out to be horrible when we are not.”  

She continues,”The child did get bit by another child same age, not bit by an adult, I don’t understand where this is coming from that is absurd.”

 Ketchem explains the children’s behavior, ” Unfortunately at this age children do bite that is their way of expressing, they don’t know how to use words yet.”

The owner questions why the mother never said anything to her. 

“She never came to me, she never said anything to me so she is bashing us and saying these things about me, not okay.”

She explains her business is her passion, “I do all the cooking, I get here by morning by seven, I do the breakfast, I do the lunch I get snacks set up I help the girls throughout the day.”

The daycare owner says she now plans to install cameras inside the center.

The state has flagged this daycare center three times in the last three years.

The Department of Family and Protective Services has labeled the daycare center as high risk level to children twice including this year and last….

And they were labeled as a medium risk to children in 2016. 
Two of the violations in 20-18 and 20-17 dealt with staff not knowing which group of children to supervise. 

The 2016 violation dealt with children missing their health records. 
The child care center has been licensed since 2001.
During the last two years, 1,652 standards were evaluated . 
Out of all those…. 4 deficiencies were cited. 

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