DOJ: 28 arrested in drug trafficking ring


28 people are in custody following a major drug bust. The investigation is aimed at taking down a drug ring stretching from Waco to Killeen.

“They were making large amounts of money, selling large amounts of drugs, allegedly. Drugs that cause enormous physical and psychological damage to vulnerable people,” says U.S. Attorney for the Western District John Bash.

$16,000 dollars in cash, over five pounds of Methamphetamine and 22 firearms.

On Thursday, Bash announced the arrest of 28 individuals who are allegedly involved members of the Gangster Disciples gang organization.

“The Gangster Disciples, a national organization, a national drug trafficking organization, set up shop in in Central Texas. In Killeen,” says Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble.

According to officials, nine of those members are accused of distributing drugs in Killeen, Waco and surrounding areas since October 2015.

“Folks in these indictments are facing in enormous penalties. Many are subject to the statutory maximum of life in prison,” Bash said.

According to the two indictments, charges include conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute drugs including cocaine, crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

“I think this just goes to show you what an effort like this can do when you have this many different agencies, all the different levels. Local, state and federal level,” says McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

Six individuals were already in custody. 22 more were arrested on Thursday.

“We put a halt to it. We put a halt to the drug dealing. They put a halt to their trafficking, put a halt to all the associated crimes that come with that,” Kimble said.

Original Story:

According to the official release by the Department of Justice, there have been 22 arrests from Killeen and Waco on federal drug trafficking charges.

They have also filed two indictments.

During Thursday afternoon’s press conference, officials spoke on the multi-force operation to arrest the 22 people. Six of them have already been arrested – totaling 28 people in the two indictments.

The departments involved in the drug trafficking ring include the Waco Police Department, the Killeen Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department.

Authorities tell FOX44 they have been tracking members of the Gangster Disciples organization, who they say have distributed meth, other drugs and weapons in the Waco and Killeen area since 2015.

“[These are] Drugs that cause enormous physical and psychological damage to vulnerable people. 
They are praying on the vulnerable for money, and they destroy people’s lives when they sell things like methamphetamine,” says U.S. Western District of Texas Attorney John Bash.

Here are some pictures of the drugs and weapons confiscated during the raid at the Gangster Disciples organization. The pictures were provided by Waco DEA and Texas DPS.

You can see the Department of Justice’s full release by clicking the attachment below.

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